Have you ever gone through seasons of your life where God just seemed distant? I know I have and as I think over those seasons it seems to happen for a variety of reasons. The most obvious reason is my lack of consistency in a personal walk with Jesus and/or sin issues in thought or […]

Consider the life of the prophet Elijah. We see in 1 Kings 17 he is authorized by the Lord to predict a drought for three and a half years. Later in 1 Kings 18 he shares the drought is ending. During the drought God met Elijah‚Äôs needs in some miraculous ways. Later in chapter 18 […]

There are two weeks left in our 52 day journey. How has God spoken to you during this season of prayer and seeking Him? One reality is in order to draw near to God you must spend time with God and seek Him. The more you seek Him, the more you realize your desperateness for […]

Reading through the book of Revelation I did a quick study on the theme of repentance. In the first part of chapter two (v. 5) the church at Ephesus is called to remember her first love, repent of falling away from it, and return to the works they did at first. We see in this […]