Line in the Sand . . .

First, it has been a long time since I have posted here but I really want to get more active. I have some ideas in my heart and head but do not want to make empty promises.

One clear thing I have walked through over the last few weeks and especially today is I need to take some steps in leading a healthier, more active lifestyle. I am tired of having to hold my breath when tying my shoes, tired of being so worn out after preaching two services on Sunday and convicted I have not been disciplined in this area.

I have a friend on twitter who I have watched go through an amazing transformation in his health over the last couple of years and a phrase he used really resonated with me. He said he “drew a line the sand” and determined to make some changes. One thing I know helps me is accountability.

Starting today and every Friday between now and Thanksgiving (At least) you will see a post with an update on how things have gone the previous week (eating, exercise, attitude, etc. . . ), a picture of the first week and the current week (sorry, but I need it for accountability), starting weight and current weight (not only focus but important) and some thoughts for the week to come.

Please pray I can be faithful in this journey. I had been planning to join a group of men where I pastor in a Soul Con Challenge. I still plan to do this but felt a strong conviction yesterday not to wait until then. Soul Con is a solid men’s ministry with many helpful aspects, including spiritual and physical discipline, accountability, fellowship, and other healthy resources. The challenge starts on September 2nd (Labor Day). If any of you are interested in joining us for this you can find more information about the ministry here: or feel free to comment on the blog, email, call, or text me and I would be happy to share details.

Today’s Weight: 246.0

Day 1 Picture

My highest weight was 255 lbs a few months ago before a previous attempt in this area. I lost about 25 lbs during the effort but obviously have gained much of it back.  But, you have to know where you are to begin the journey to where you want to be!

The line has been drawn, it is Day 1, pray for me, better yet join me if you feel led.



  1. Great Tommy. I did my line in the sand last November. Have gone from 240 to 210 and running my first half-marathon in October.

  2. greer63 · · Reply

    You can do it!!!

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