Nehemiah recognizes God has place on his heart a great task to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem and to help rebuild the relations between the people and their God. We have been given a great task as well. We are commanded to make disciples of all nations, but sadly many believers have never even made […]

Do you realize God is moving and working all around you? He has an incredible plan to glorify Himself through all of His creation. My wife and I are going through the study Experiencing God together again. The simple truth of God’s power and plan is a wonderful reminder we just need to see where […]

When I was younger and would get to a long list of names in the Bible I would normally just skip over them. I was convicted though, and acknowledged even the long lists of names are inspired Scripture. I determined to try and understand why the lists were there. In Nehemiah 7 we come to […]

One frequent occurrence in the book and life of Nehemiah is prayer. Nehemiah was a man who spent time with God. I have never met a genuine believer who would say, “I really spend way too much time with God.” Most of us admit we need to spend more time communing with God. Let me […]