Below are my sermon notes from yesterday. The Lord continues to use this text this morning to compel me to seek Him! Why not To Worry? Matthew 6, Verses 25-34 A.  God commands us not to worry-  Explanation   1.  Do not worry about your life. (v. 25) food, drink, or clothing 2.  Do not worry, […]

We are living in a time of spiritual and political unrest. As believers, we should be comforted by the reality that we serve a sovereign God and resurrected Savior. It seems that there are many even within the church who are in a continual state of fear and anxiousness or anger and bitterness. I am […]

As I wrap up the work week there are many thoughts in my heart and mind. This past Sunday, January 28th I completed about a 10-month interim period for First Baptist Church Mansfield. Their new pastor, Dr. Spencer Plumlee has begun his tenure and exciting days are surely ahead for this dear group of God’s […]

Now what? We have come to the end of our 52 day journey so what do we do now? Hopefully, we have grown in our joy and consistency in prayer. Whatever you started praying about 52 days ago or somewhere in this journey was worth praying about then and is worth continuing to pray about […]