This Sunday in Nehemiah 7 we will study how Nehemiah plans to maintain the improvements made through the people working together and the blessing of God. We must be diligent to guard the ground which we gain in our walk with the Lord. As we develop healthy spiritual habits we need to be constantly on […]

Have you ever heard of the name Daniel Nash? Not too many people have, but if you will look at his tombstone you will find a couple of descriptors concerning his life. First of all,  it reads, “Pastor, 1816-1822.” Daniel Nash served as a pastor for six years, before some members of his church led […]

I shared yesterday about walking in the spiritual disciplines of prayer, bible study, and family devotion. Today I want to encourage you in another area, sharing your faith. Many who have been saved and genuinely love Jesus have never attempted to share their faith with someone else. It is such an important task, and I […]

One of the main objectives in my heart for leading us through this 52 day journey was for each of us to grow in our personal relationships with Jesus. We all know the primary way we grow in our walk with Christ is to pray and read the Bible. The question is, “Are we doing […]